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  • Marketing With Pokemon Go!


    Pokemon Go is everywhere! For the last six weeks it spokemon-4eems that wherever you are, everyone is playing or at least talking about this latest phenomenon. With this in mind, why shouldn’t businesses think about using Pokemon Go as a very valuable marketing tool?


    How can this be done? Well by the very nature of the game. Pokemon Go uses local places as landmarks for pokestops where people have to go to accrue points. If you have a standing business such as a shop, then why not create a poke stop actually in-store, thus attracting people to your business and hopefully tempting them to buy something.


    Even if you don’t play Pokemon Go yourself, it is highly likely that at least some of your employees do. You could use this to the advantage of your business, for example, by hosting a marketing event where much of the focus is on Pokemon Go. Likewise, it can also be used at team building events between yourselves, helping you all to interact and bond. It should not be under-estimated how much of an attraction this game is at the moment its power as a marketing strategy should not be ignored.


    Thinking about the future, we all know that there is a growing relationship between ‘real life’ and technology. With regards to marketing strategies this is something that needs to be taken into consideration. Games like Pokemon Go are showing us how people can interact with physical objects via their mobile devices and who knows what the future might bring? Technology is forever becoming more advanced and soon there could be completely new platforms on which marketing your business will become so much easier online as people continue to develop that relationship between ‘real life’ and the ‘cyber world’.


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    # Marketing

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Have you ever thought what you really need to do succeed and move forward?

#entrepreneurship #startup
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Have you ever thought where and what your customers are doing!
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What is your next #Brand Activation Idea?

Brands are all around us. They are what we see, eat, use, and drink. In this modern day life we cannot be separated from the big exposure and #media. Brand Activation plays an important role in your marketing strategy, Why not use it properly!

The world is a branded place, regardless if we think it's right or not. Effective brands are #stimulating and always come up with #creative & interactive ways to reach us.

Positive stimuli means that the customer will live a pleasant in the moment experience and connect it with the brand, you can imagine what that can do to your brand.

It's all about finding a great idea and how to present it in a way that your #clients will #love and live.. This also involves an emotional connection, make sure that the brand lives with your clients on an emotional level.

The stronger the #emotional #connection, the better the engagement & closer the connection between the customer and your brand. It should always be educating, interactive and motivating.

- If you can think about a great branding idea what would it be?-
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Top five steps for successful #Business #strategies

· Determining your outreach

· Being familiar with the questions to ask

· Defining your target #market

· #Monitoring

· Delivering and building
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SUPER Executive Producer and Producer Carlos King of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Hollywood Divas brings his PR & Media needs to The Black Owl Agency.


Drumma Boy releases new his champagne Moreno and signs Lil Will to Drum Squad Productions. Drumma Boy & Lil Will are both Black Owl PR Clients. New Champagne in stores now.


RUNENGUND Productions partners with The Black Owl Agency to head its music and entertainment booking in regards to original concepts, creative visual and brand activation.


Drumma Boy releases new his champagne Moreno and signs Lil Will to Drum Squad Productions. Drumma Boy & Lil Will


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July 8, 2016



March 30, 2014

Artificial food created with a 3Dprinter

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March 30, 2014

Artificial food created with a 3Dprinter


March 30, 2014